Tuesday, January 27, 2015

It Starts in the Hometown

“For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” – Jeremiah 29:11. Sometimes those plans have details more intricate than we could have imagined; including location.

Lannea Adamson, born and raised in Aliquippa, probably never considered one of her deepest callings to exist within Aliquippa city. “I used to pass by the AI [Aliquippa Impact] office building every day on the way to work and I felt like God was leading me to work with them in some way but didn’t know how until I reconnected with Joel Repic [Founder of AI],” said Adamson.

Adamson, now, leads a ninth grade girl’s cohort (mentoring) program for AI.

Adamson works with young girls in a full-time position in Pittsburgh. On top of working a full-time job, she explains why she finds it important to work with AI. “To work with girls somewhere else but not give back to my own community doesn’t make sense to me. In order to see change, you have to do your part and I wanted to do mine,” she explained.

The passion AI possesses for the people in Aliquippa was contagious to Adamson as she enthusiastically became involved. “It helped spark a fire within me to want to work in the community I grew up in and to invest in the lives of youth,” she said.

Adamson knew her calling early in life, even though the fact that it involved AI came later. “I have a passion for young women and knew that I wanted to invest in adolescent girls,” she said. “I have always been passionate about girls, even when I was a girl! I knew pretty early that this was the call on my life,” continued Adamson.

Adamson’s passion for girls and their holistic health is hard to miss, even while answering interview questions, via e-mail, the passion was apparent in the wording choice and exclamation marks she chose to use.

Adamson described her passion beautifully. “I know how cruel this world can be and first and foremost I want girls to know that there is a God who is a healer, a deliverer and most importantly [that He] loves them,” she said. “Second, I want to educate girls about things that I wish I knew when I was younger concerning relationships, sex, God, school, drugs, etc. I want to help girls physically, mentally and most importantly spiritually,” she concluded.

Valuing faith, young girls, and community Adamson has been able to connect the dots across her calling in an inspiring manner. “I chose AI for their love of God, their love of youth and their love of the community of Aliquippa,” she said.

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