Monday, May 25, 2015

Organizational Growth – In Both Quality and Quantity

We are pleased to announce that within the last month, we received a positive financial review report from a public CPA firm.  The review of our 2011 financial information not only keeps us compliant with the Bureau of Charitable Organizations (BCO), but also demonstrates that we are moving in the right direction relative to organizational growth and perceived legitimacy by various organizations.    Let me be clear – our notions of success are not those of this world’s, and we therefore don’t use the word “legitimacy” with such views as our criteria. However, we do see the positive review as one of many markers in the life of Aliquippa Impact as we reflect on God’s answers to our ministry and resource-related prayer and work. Ultimately this, in addition to your support of various kinds, can “open new doors”  and very well increase the number of kids we serve!

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