Saturday, May 23, 2015

Money and Support

If you are considering being an intern with us for the summer, let's just set the record straight - you definitely will not be in this for the money.  You could definitely make more money elsewhere in a conventional summer job.  But over the last nine summers, we have had highly capable, competent interns join us for the summer because they knew that this experience wasn't about money.  It was about something much deeper and intangible.  It was (and is) about the rich experience of meeting God through others in the inner-city.  Believe us, when you come to the end of your experience here at the end of the summer, money will be the last thing on your mind.  But here is what you need to know:


How much money does it cost to be an intern with Aliquippa Impact? 
We have not set price tag for you to be an intern with us.  We do not charge our interns any fees for room or board.  Interns receive a stipend of $1200 as first year staff.  You should feel free to raise additional money beyond your stipend if you feel this is necessary.  Everyone's lifestyle is different, so some people will require more and others less than this amount.  You will need money for laundry detergent, coin-operated washing machines and dryers, personal hygiene items, bus fare, movies, ice cream, optional trips to Pittsburgh, and Friday nights out.  You will also spend some time with youth and you may want to treat them to a soda or ice cream, although spending money like this is not mandatory and is even discouraged for the first half of the summer.

How does intern fundraising work?
We recognize that how much you raise depend on the resources of your church, family, and friends.  Our expectation is that you put forth your best effort to help sustain yourself while you stay with us.  You should not let worries about raising financial support stop you from coming and interning at Aliquippa Impact. Over and over again, we have seen God provide for the needs of our interns.

We have a very simple strategy to help you raise support for your stay with us:
1.  The first step is to identify a group of at least 20 friends, family members, or churches who should be given the opportunity to support your ministry this summer.  You will likely be able to think of more than 20 people if you think real hard!  You should include your parents, college friends, aunts, uncles, and other extended family members, friends of your parents, parents of your friends, co-workers, and individuals from your church: your pastor, members of the congregation, a Bible study group, and missions committee.  Be creative, include the unlikely, and don't limit yourself to Christians. You need to send us a copy of this list no later than 3 weeks after we accept you into an intern position. 

2.  Next you need to approach those people or groups (through a letter, get together, phone call, etc.) to share your plans and hopes for the summer and how they can help (prayer, money, care packages, etc.).

3.  Next, Steve Rossi, our Executive Director, will send each of your possible supporters a letter explaining a little bit about Aliquippa Impact and the work you will be doing this summer.  He will let them know that they will be receiving a newsletter from you as well as the regular Aliquippa Impact mailings.  He will also give them the opportunity to decline receiving those mailings.

4.  Then, maybe soon after you come to AI, you should follow up with your possible supporters to remind them what you are doing for the summer and remind them to pray and support you during the summer.

5.  Finally, during the summer, every intern will be expected to keep all thier possible supporters informed about what they  are doing by writing and mailing (or e-mailing) two or three letters.

What if I am a second year intern?
Second year interns receive a stipend of $1200 plus a $200 increase for your second year of service for a total of $1400 for the summer.  The stipend increases by $200 for each year you serve after your first year.  This amount will be worked out with you on your position response form.  You should feel free to raise additional money beyond your stipend if you feel this is necessary.

Where is my support sent to?
Checks will need to be made out directly to you to support you for the summer.  These checks as well as care packages/gifts can be brought to your attention at our mailing address:

Aliquippa Impact
Attn: "Jane Doe"
P.O. Box 227
Aliquippa, PA  15001


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