Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Become a Mentor

Did you know that mentoring has dramatic results in the lives of students?  Research indicates that students who are mentored for one year are significantly less likely to skip school, participate in street/gang activity, or use drugs and alcohol.  Conversely, students who are mentored for one year are significantely more likely to do better in school, graduate, and improve their family relationships.  For some students, the difference between not having a mentor and having one is the difference between risk and opportunity - between despair and hope.

Currently, Aliquippa Impact has a long waiting list of students who are longing to have mentors.  They are waiting for someone to come alongside of them and believe in them.  Our mentors are not teachers, social workers, tutors, or counselors.  No doubt, all these roles are important in the lives of students. But our mentors are simply adult friends who listen to their mentees, believe in thier mentees, pray for thier mentees, and encourage their mentees.

We are always looking for mentors to participate in our one-to-one mentoring program.  Our program runs in partnership with Family Guidance, Inc. - an organization that has proven, long-term effectiveness in mentoring in the Pittsburgh area.  In our program, mentors are caring, safe adults who model to students through the application of Christ and His teachings love, friendship, and support.  Mentors must be at least 20 years old and be involved in a local church congregation.

Our mentors commit to spending a minimum of two to four hours a week for a minimum of a year with the student they are matched with.  Mentors are matched with a student who is the same sex and who has similar interests.  Students in the mentoring program are matched between the ages of six and fifteen, and mentors can indicate which age they prefer.  We carefully match mentors with mentees that have complimentary personalities and interests.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please contact our office for more information.  If you would like to proceed with becoming a mentor, we will provide you with an in-depth application.  After we receive your applicaiton, you will be asked to complete certain background checks and a five-hour comprehensive mentor training that will equip you to be a good mentor.  After you become a mentor, we provide monthly trainings and support meetings to assist you in your mentoring.

Think about it. Are you called to leave a legacy of hope in the life of a youth?  You can make a difference.

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