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Our History


  • A mission team from Crestmont Alliance Church visited the impoverished community of Belle Glade, Florida. Their work among the community inspired a vision for practical service in downtown Aliquippa.


  • Joel Repic, founder of Aliquippa Impact, began working as a staff member in a summer day camp program serving urban youth at a community development organization on the North Side of Pittsburgh. Beginning lessons in urban service and program development were learned here that would form the foundation of Aliquippa Impact in the future.


  • Joel continued his employment for another summer on the North Side, and traveled home every day through downtown Aliquippa on his way to and from work. A vision was birthed for some type of practical ministry in the city of Aliquippa. With help and encouragement from other urban youth development organizations, a proposal for an educational summer day camp program in the Linmar Terrace public housing community was presented to the leadership of Crestmont Alliance Church. The proposal was approved, and the program was named the Aliquippa Summer Initiative.


  • The Aliquippa Summer Initiative became a reality in the Linmar Terrace neighborhood with five summer staff members serving over forty children in an educational day camp program. 


  • The Aliquippa Summer Initiative became Aliquippa Impact Ministries and hired an additional eight summer staff members for a summer of serving over 50 children and their families in Linmar Terrace. Joel Repic and his wife, Chelsea, moved into downtown Aliquippa. The organization began to emphasize and implement an intentional, relationally-focused street presence as a foundational aspect of program planning. In December, the nameof the organization was shortned to Aliquippa Impact and incorporated separate from Crestmont Alliance Church and received tax-exempt status from the Internal Revenue Service. This was met with substantial giving from various charitable foundations in the Pittsburgh area. 


  • The summer program was once again very successful – this time with over eighty children participating at some point during the summer. Aliquippa Impact began looking into future program development and expansion as well as meeting some of the infrastructure needs related to growth. Aliquippa Impact began to focus on global education and the arts as a primary areas of program development. In addition, a one-to-one mentoring program was initiated in partnership with Family Guidance, Inc. for the purpose of more adequately meeting the holistic needs of children.



  • The summer program grew considerably.  Twenty seven summer staff members were hired to operate five summer programs serving over 220 children and youth.  These programs provided opportunities in global education, literacy, the arts, gardening, and leadership development.  The mentoring program reached nearly thirty one-to-one matches.  Our offices relocated to the corner of Franklin Avenue and Spring Street.  Our Board of Governors began to work out a strategic plan to address staffing and program needs to expand services to youth into the future.




  • Marked another year of evolution into a position of strength in service to the community.  The leadership of Aliquippa Impact rethought the way delivery of services took place during the summer months in response to valuable feedback from key stakeholders in the community.  In an effort at improving at positive youth development, individualized attention, and program safety, Aliquippa Impact reduced program size and increased staff size.  In addition, a program called A Future Anticipated (AFA) was significantly expanded.  Formerly only a summer program of Aliquippa Impact, this program was expanded to include year-round support and opportunities for Aliquippa youth from third through twelfth grade.  Now Aliquippa Impact is actively engaged in serving youth throughout the school year, and the starting point for these year-round efforts in the lives of youth remains the summer City Camp program.



  • Steve Rossi became Executive Director after serving on Aliquippa Impact's staff for two years as Operations Manager.  Founder Joel Repic became Aliquippa Impact's Director of Program Development.  The organization's presence in the Linmar Terrace community as well as in other communities expanded in year-round services.  This year also saw the founding of the Aliquippa Center for the Study of Culture and Belief. 

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