Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Opportunity Partnerships

A key component to the cohort model is the building of bridges between young people and opportunities in the community that will aid in their holistic development.  Many of the young people we work with are not aware of available opportunities or do not have enough relational support to take advantage of available opportunities.  Staff work with each individual young person in our cohorts to identify what particular opportunities are most lacking in their lives.  After this had been identified, staff connect young people to these opportunities and keep encouraging them to participate and not give up.

Depending on the need of a particular student, young people may be connected to a variety of opportunity partnerships including:

  • Academic support/tutoring
  • Multi-cultural exposure
  • Spiritual development
  • Job skills & training
  • Out-of-school youth development activities
  • Counseling/psychiatric services
  • Outdoor immersion/environmental stewardship
  • Service Opportunities
  • Travel/global education
  • Family services support

Currently, Aliquippa Impact maintains relationships with two different types of opportunity partnerships.  The first are in-house partnerships that include programs within our own organization designed to support the health of the cohorts.  The second are partner organizations who provide support for students in our cohorts through their own program activities. 

In-house partnerships currently include:

  • One-to-One Mentoring
    In partnership with Family Guidance, Inc. our students have the opportunity to be matched with a caring, supportive adult in this program.
  • Artists In Residence
    Throughout the year, visual and performing artists will connect with cohorts to provide them with exposure to creative activities in the arts.
  • Outdoor Immersion
    Exposure to the activities in the outdoors promotes teamwork, environmental stewardship, and overall asset development.

Partner Organizations currently include:

  • Tickets for Kids Charities provides our youth with a host of opportunities to attend recreational, art, and educational activities in the Pittsburgh region - all for free.
  • Family Guidance, Inc., in addition to supporting the one-to-one mentoring program, gives our students the opportunity to participate in Promise Camp - a summer camp full of outdoor, character-building activities.
  • Crestmont Alliance Church provides our students with additional support through The Hood Youth Ministry Program.

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